Tips for Making Ice Cream Pie

Ice cream pies are one of the easiest frozen desserts. Take a pie crust and fill it with your favorite flavor of ice cream, and you have a pie. However, once you’ve put together a basic ice cream pie, there are countless ways that you can change it to make your dessert something special. Check out these tips to personalize your pie.

Start With The Crust

The two most common crusts for ice cream pie are graham crackers and chocolate cookie crumb crusts. However, you can use nearly any type of hard cookie to make a great crust. Skip the store-bought crust and use vanilla wafers, gingersnaps, or any other flavor that you love. Just pair the cookie flavor with the ice cream you are using.

Tip: Whenever I use vanilla wafers for crumbs, I find that the cheapest store brand tends to work the best.

Who knew?

Think About Texture

Different textures and flavors make for an interesting dessert. You already have the contrast between the ice cream and the crunchy crust, but why not think about adding another interesting texture? Two of the easiest ways to do this are to add nuts or chocolate chips to your ice cream pie. As an added bonus, sprinkling toasted nuts on top is a simple way to decorate your pie. It’s easy and delicious.

Choose Multiple Flavors

Sure, you could fill your pie crust with a single flavor of ice cream, but where’s the fun in that? Use two or more flavors to create layers in your ice cream pie. On top of giving you two or three great flavors, it will also make the pie beautiful to cut into. To get clean layers, spread the first layer of softened ice cream into the pie crust and then freeze it for at least 30 minutes. Then spread another layer of softened ice cream on top of it.

Add The Sauce Inside

While you can drizzle fudge sauce over the top of your pie, you can also put it right inside. Spread a layer of fudge in between two flavors of ice cream or on the bottom of the pie. Just freeze the layer before spreading another layer on top, so it has some time to set up. Caramel and fudge are two great choices, because of the way they thicken when cold. Fruit sauces are another great choice, although it might be harder to get clean layers with a strawberry sauce.

Top It All Off

Sometimes, it is the finishing touches that make a dessert special. One of the simplest ways to finish off an ice cream pie is to add a layer of fresh whipped cream. You could also step it up a notch with a pile of fresh meringue. Use a kitchen torch to brown the outside of the meringue and you have your own homemade baked Alaska pie.

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