Ice Cream Making Tools: The Kitchen Equipment You Need to Get Started

Making homemade ice cream isn’t hard, but it does require a few pieces of kitchen equipment. Luckily, most of the tools that you need for making ice cream are items that you can find in almost any kitchen. Check out this list of suggestions to see if you have all the kitchen tools you need to make ice cream, sorbet, and sherbet.

Mixing And Cooking

Luckily, putting together ice cream is easy. If you have a good whisk and a nice spatula, you are all set. In the case of some fruit-based recipes, a good blender is a helpful tool to have on hand. While you want to be careful not to put recipes with heavy cream in the blender, but it is the perfect way to puree fruit.

Some ice cream and sorbet recipe require a little cooking, but a simple saucepot should handle everything you need.

If you are on the market for new pots and pans, look for ones with a heavy bottom. They will distribute heat evenly so that your ice cream base will cook evenly. When you are working with eggs and dairy, you don’t want things to get too hot too quickly.

A nice set of mixing bowls is a great addition to every kitchen, and they’ll come in handy for making homemade ice cream. Most ice cream recipes will need to be refrigerated before you put them in the ice cream maker, so having bowls of several different sizes will come in handy.

Ice Cream Makers

Ice Cream Makers

Once your ice cream base has been made and chilled, you need to churn it in an ice cream maker. This will freeze the mixture and incorporate air at the same time. Having enough air blended into the ice cream is actually an important part of what gives it the texture that you know and love.

There are methods you can use to make homemade ice cream if you don’t have an ice cream maker. However, if this is a treat you want to enjoy on a regular investment, choosing a good ice cream maker will definitely help.

Storing Homemade Ice Cream

Once you have made your own ice cream, properly storing it will guarantee that it stays fresh (if it lasts that long). The best way to store ice cream is in an air-tight plastic container, such as Tupperware. Stackable containers are a great way to store multiple flavors of ice cream and keep your freezer organized.

Another useful tool for storing homemade ice cream is plastic wrap. Press a layer of plastic wrap down on the surface of the ice cream, which helps prevent ice crystals from forming. This is the best way to keep air away from your ice cream.

Learning to make your own frozen desserts is rewarding. Now that you’ve seen what simple tools you need to put a recipe together, don’t you think you should try your hand at a new recipe?

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