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How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

A full set of organizing tips specifically designed for your kitchen cabinets. Whether you have tons of space or very little, there are always a few tips and tricks you can use to keep your cabinets more orderly, clutter-free, organized and streamlined. Do you have a tip? Add it to the kitchen time savers list.

9 Tips on How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

1. Stay on top of kitchen appliance clutter.

Appliances are the trickiest things to organize. Go through and re-assess which ones you are using and which are just taking up space. Follow my Appliance Organization Guide to make sure you are decluttering, organizing, and storing appliances the right way.

2. Declutter a little bit each week.

Some people like to devote an entire weekend to organizing a relatively large space like their kitchen cabinets.

3. Complete a full kitchen cabinet reorganization twice a year.

A twice-a-year reorganization is enough for most kitchens. I have found that people who cook the most need to organize and declutter less--probably because they're spending more time in their kitchen cabinets to begin with!

A good rule of thumb: If you can find your roasting pan, a skillet for eggs, or a strainer large enough for a head of lettuce, it is time to organize the kitchen cabinets: 5 Steps to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

4. Pare down your appliances for better kitchen storage space.

The less small, medium and large appliances, the better. Chances are you only use 2-3 appliances regularly, so store the ones you use less often in your kitchen storage bins.

Read more about kitchen appliances: The Kitchen Appliances Organization Series which includes everything you need to know to get your kitchen appliance collection clutter-free, organized and stored properly.

5. Keep kitchen storage square.

Square storage containers use space so much more effectively than round. That little bit of extra space will be helpful--especially if you have small cabinets.

6. Utilize space dividers.

They will make it easier to grab dishes, bowels, etc. Another great space-saving product are turntables (also called "lazy susans") which make everything easier to reach. Check them out here

7. Consider moving spices to a drawer or the pantry.

Spices can be a pain. By moving them to a drawer or a pantry, you'll make it easier to quickly declutter your cabinets each week. Another great option is installing a space rack on the inside of a cabinet door.

Or, trying splitting spices up into two categories:

  • Frequently-used spices which you store at the front of the pantry, cabinet or on the countertop; and,
  • Stored spices -- the ones you use less-often.

8. Be ruthless with kitchen cabinet storage.

You do not have to fill each cabinet to the brim, in fact your kitchen cabinets will be a lot easier to use if you let the contents breath a little. This requires you to be absolutely ruthless with storage space. 

Another resource is How to Organize a Small Kitchen

9. Install roll out storage in bottom cabinets.

Install roll-out storage shelves in your bottom cabinets (they do not make too much sense on top cabinets--although I have seen them). This will make your life easier when it comes time to grab a larger appliance out of the cabinet, or to organize your Tupperware collection. Being able to visualize and entire cabinet's contents is a win.

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