Healthy Frozen Dessert

Healthy Frozen Dessert Ideas : Nutrient Dense, Low Calorie, and Super Delicious

Just because you have committed to eating well doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert. There are plenty of healthy frozen dessert ideas that you can enjoy within your diet. Make your own homemade treats that include plenty nutritious ingredients like fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. They have more substance than other frozen treats, but still feel like you are being indulgent.

Homemade Popsicles

Healthy homemade popsicles are a great way to get extra fruit into your diet. Because they are frozen into solid ice pops, you don’t have to add any extra sugar if you don’t want to. Start with a base of pomegranate juice, coconut water, or even Greek yogurt and add your favorite fruit. Toss everything in a blender and then freeze into popsicle molds.Not only are popsicles the easiest frozen dessert to make, they can be one of the healthiest. You can also juice veggies and sneak them into your popsicles! Add half a cup of carrot juice to one of these recipes to start. Because carrots have a natural sweetness, they will blend in well with recipes like tropical fruit popsicles. Your kids won’t notice the extra vegetable juice in the popsicles, and neither will you. You may check Aicok juicer review to buy a top level juicer.

Fruit Sorbet

If you are looking for something a little closer to ice cream, sorbet is a great option. There are many store bought sorbets that are creamy and sweet, but with a third to half the calories of the same size serving of premium ice cream. You can eat the entire pint of some brands of fruit sorbet for the same amount of calories as one serving of a great ice cream. If you are a volume eater, sorbet is a good way to reduce the number of calories you eat and get more fruit in your diet.

Or, you can make your own healthy fruit sorbet at home using whole fruit, water, and a little sugar.

Making a creamy sorbet does typically involve added sugar. The sugar helps keep the mixture from forming into one giant rock of ice. However, you still have a dessert with lots of fruit and a lower calorie content.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is a great healthy frozen dessert idea because of the variety. There are many brands of frozen Greek yogurt on the market right now, but you can also make your own at home. Greek yogurt is higher in protein and often lower in sugar than regular yogurt. It makes a tart and tangy frozen yogurt that will help you get extra protein into your diet.

While you still need to keep an eye on your calories and not eat all the frozen yogurt at once, you can still enjoy a sweet treat with these healthy frozen dessert ideas.

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