Cuisinart DCC 3200 Review – Programmable 14 Cup Coffee Maker Review

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 perfect temp is a programmable 14-cup automatic coffee maker. The name might be a mouthful, but it can do the job just fine. It’s a beautiful coffee machine with stainless-steel housing. It uses state-of-the-art technology to make sure you get hotter coffee every time without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Before I get into the Cuisinart DCC 3200 Review, I just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up that I’m not sponsored by Cuisinart and what I’m about to say is my own opinion. So, with that being said, let’s get on with this coffee maker review.

Cuisinart Perf Temp 14 Cup Coffee Maker Review


Let’s talk about the design first. As I’ve said before, it is beautifully designed, the housing is made out of stainless steel, and has easy-to-use accented buttons. It has lots of great features and technology to make hotter coffee.

It has a little bit of weight to it. The machine weighs around 8 to 9 pounds. The machine itself is plastic with a steel wrapped around it. You also have the option to choose from 4 different colors.

It feels pretty solid and not like some cheap 15 bucks Walmart specials. But not nearly as heavy and built like a tank like how Breville does.

Carafe Temp

At the center of the machine, you’ll notice a button that says Carafe Temp. This button allows you to change the temperature of your coffee. You can set it to low, medium, or high. It is also adjustable.

Why would you want to use that?
Well, if you are someone who puts a lot of milk into your coffee, you would want to set the temperature at a high setting. If you prefer black coffee and don’t put a lot of additives and you want a little bit cooler coffee, you should use medium or low heat settings.


Another cool feature of this machine is the Tone button. It doesn’t have anything to do with making coffee. It’s just a button that allows you to completely turn off the beeping sound the machine makes when your coffee is ready.

That being said, it will beep five times to let you know that your hot drink is ready. This button just turns off that feature.

It’s a nice feature but why would anyone want to turn it off? Well, some of the users complained that the beep sound is too loud and it makes their dogs bark. It’s a nice little touch if you want to enjoy a cup of coffee at home and keep your dog quiet.

Clean Button

Most of the time, we forget to clean our coffee machine or the drip catcher. This button is there to remind you when your coffee maker needs some cleaning or when it is time to clean the machine.

Bold Setting

You’ll also notice that at the side of the clean button, there is a bold button. Press that button if you want your coffee to have a strong bolder strength or flavor.

1-4 Cup Feature

The rest of the buttons are Brew/Off and Auto-Off, Programmable Button, and 1-4 buttons. The one to four-cup setting is important when you want to make one to four cups of coffee. You can adjust the brewing with this button when you want the taste to remain the same but make 4 cups instead of 1.

Programmable Function

The other thing that’s nice about the machine is that it has a programmable function. This allows you to program the Cuisinart DCC 3200 coffee maker to go off in any 24-hours period.

Auto Off Feature

I personally like this feature a lot. If you are in a hurry in the morning and you don’t want to worry about turning your coffee maker off before you actually leave for work, you can set it off after 0 minutes to 4 hours, so that you don’t have to be concerned yourself with it.


The carafe is nice and solid and has an accented stainless-steel handle. It has a knuckle guard, and like many other coffee carafes, it gives you measure markings and a removable lid. It also has a brew-pause feature which I’m going to talk about in just a sec.

Now that I’ve covered most of the specs, it’s time to look at the inside of the coffee maker and what else this machine has to offer.

Water Window

This is where you add your water by using the water window as a guide. It shows how much water you poured and how many cups of coffee you can make. You can also see the window from the inside. That means you can set this machine to any position and still the water window.

Inside The Coffee Maker

Inside the machine, you will see a filter holder. You will get a charcoal water filter that comes with your coffee machine. You can choose to use the machine without it. Follow the instruction in your manual to know how to use that filter. You will also get a permanent gold-tone filter. That’s where you put your ground coffee.

Ease Of Use

The usage is pretty simple. Seriously, it’s a no-brainer, and if you have used other Cuisinart products, you could figure it out in like five minutes.


So far, I’ve had no complaints about the performance of this machine. It really makes great coffee. It takes about 5 – 7 minutes or so for a full pot. I have never really timed it, but it’s fast.

Things I Liked About The DCC 3200

The program features work flawlessly every time. And my favorite feature of the machine is temperature control. It might take you six or seven hours to drink the entire pot, but when you set the temperature control to low, you can set it on for hours and hours and keeps your coffee from turning into the asphalt.


The Cuisinart DCC 3200 is a great machine. I like it a lot. It’s well constructed, it looks nice. It’s easy to clean and easy to use, and it does what it is supposed to do and does it well.

There’s really not much left to say about the Cuisinart DCC 3200 Review. As far as reliability goes, you can use it every day without bumping into any sort of malfunction. It’s a nice addition to your countertop and justifies the price.

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