Breville BJE200XL Review – A Gourmet Kitchen Appliance Perfect For Any Home

Breville is respected worldwide for providing high quality kitchen appliances with a professional aesthetic, and this Breville BJE200XL review shows the company’s dedication to developing quality products for home and commercial kitchens alike.

The Breville BJE200XL is an excellent mid-level juice extractor that combines a professional design aesthetic with cost-cutting features and construction that makes it an ideal choice for many home kitchens worldwide. It carries many of the same features as its more expensive cousins available under the same Breville brand, and offers a similarly high-quality juicing experience.

This juicer is essentially a compact version of the most fully-featured Breville juicers such as the 800XL series. While taking up a much less pronounced space on the kitchen countertop, it still offers much of the same performance as more expensive top-shelf items from Breville and other manufacturers.

Main Features Of The Breville BJE200XL

The Breville BJE200XL
  • Compact Design – Measuring it at only 9 pounds, and taking up 9.5 by 8.8 by 16 inches, this juicer is the smallest full-powered juicer made available by Breville. It is considerably smaller than the larger models offered by this and other brands and provides powerful juicing.
  • 700 Watt Motor – The powerful 700-watt motor included with this appliance provides up to 14000 RPM of centrifugal juicing power. This makes it one of the most powerful juicers in its size class, with thousands of more RPM than its nearest contender.
  • Titanium Cutting Disc – With titanium-reinforced blades, you can fully expect to enjoy years of use from your Breville BJE200XL without having to sharpen or replace the cutting disc or blades.
  • Stainless Steel Micromesh Filter – By using a heavy-duty stainless steel micromesh filter, pulp, and fibers that you do not want to be included in your juices can be easily disposed of without requiring any extra labor on your part. The filter is also conveniently dishwasher-safe, making its cleaning a charmingly easy task.
  • 3-inch Circular Feed Tube – The extra-large feed tube is a feature that you would not expect to see on a compact juicer such as this one. Despite its small size, the feed tube is still large enough to throw fruits and vegetables whole into the juicer and let its powerful motor do all the work for them.
  • One-Year Limited Warranty – Breville is a company that stands behind its products, and, as a result, the company offers a one-year limited warranty for this product that will guarantee it against defects, damage, and workmanship faults.
  • Centered Knife Blade Assembly – By combining the centrifugal engine with a centered knife blade assembly system, this powerful juicer is designed in such a way as to maximize its stability, quietness, and ease of use without sacrificing cutting force.
  • Easy To Clean – Thanks to dishwasher-safe parts and an included specialized cleaning brush, it is easier than ever to clean your juice extractor and have it easily prepared for the next juicing cycle you need to put it through. Despite the fact that it is built to be compact, it is still very easy to disassemble and clean in mere minutes.
  • Professional, Minimalist Design Aesthetic – As always, Breville products such as this one are designed with as much functionality as they are with good looks and the Breville BJE200XL is no exception. With a center-stabilized circular cutting disc and stainless steel accents, it will make a fine addition to any kitchen.

Benefits And Drawbacks To This Kitchen Appliance

As usual, there is very little to be said against Breville, as the brand consistently provides high-quality items and in this case, does so at a very reasonable price. The fact that the BJE200XL offers high-powered juicing capabilities within such a compact package is something that should be celebrated.

The most pronounced benefit that Breville BJE200XL review staff note in comparison with similarly priced juice extractors is the high powered motor that this compact juicer provides. 700 watts at 14000 RPM is more than sufficient for a great majority of fruits, vegetables and other foods that you may want to juice.

The only disadvantage to using this product is the fact that, being compact, its juicing capacity is quite small when compared to the commercial-quality juicers available on the market. This, however, is a selling point for many people who do not want such a large machine taking up space on their countertop, and Breville BJE200XL review tests show that it performs admirably nonetheless.

Breville BJE200XL Review : What Customers Say

Customers who have purchased the Breville BJE200XL are overwhelmingly pleased with the device’s sturdy design, functional and attractive aesthetic and full-powered juicing capabilities. Many a Breville BJE200XL review centers the argument on comparing it to similar juicers in its price range, in which case it consistently beats the competition in nearly every aspect.

The greatest praise for this device comes from customers who wanted a Breville quality juicer without needing to dedicate an entire section of their kitchen countertop to the machine, and this compact juicer does the job perfectly. Its powerful motor and sophisticated design make it a very special product that earns its place in kitchens worldwide.

Another important element that is mentioned in a great number of reviews is the fact that despite carrying a 1-year warranty, the juicer consistently continues juicing at full effectiveness for many years beyond its ostensible shelf life. The titanium-reinforced blades offer years of service without ever needing replacement; a fact that does not go unmentioned in a large number of reviews.

If you are a customer looking to increase your juicing capabilities in a home kitchen or in a professional kitchen environment, you will certainly enjoy the benefits provided by this juicer. Breville BJE200XL review tests have shown that it provides professional-quality juicing without taking up more space than necessary.

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