The Best Sauces for Ice Cream Sundaes

A great sauce is an important part of an ice cream sundae. In fact, many would argue that it isn’t a real sundae without one (or more) great sauces. These five recipes represent the most classic sauce ideas for making ice cream sundaes. As an added bonus, they are all simple to put together.

One of my favorite interactive desserts for get-togethers is an ice cream sundae bar. Put out a few flavors of ice cream, toppings, and sauces and people can build their own amazing desserts. Pick two or three, or be an overachiever and share them all.

Hot Fudge

This one is a classic. Nothing screams ice cream sundae like hot fudge sauce poured over the top. The warm fudge will slightly melt the ice cream. Different flavors and textures make a dish more interesting, and temperatures do the same thing.

Chocolate goes with so many different ice cream flavors and pairs up well with all the rest of the sauces on this list, so you can experiment and build a giant sundae for everyone to share.

Strawberry Sauce

My preference for strawberry sauce is for it to have large pieces of fruit and a syrupy sauce, but the best part about making your own desserts is that you can follow your preferences. Choose sweet, ripe berries when you make the strawberry sauce because they should be the focus and the star of the recipe. Those flavorless berries from early in the season just won’t cut it.

Marshmallow Sauce

There is something so playful and fun about a marshmallow sauce. Who knew that they were so easy to make? Combine marshmallows with heavy cream and vanilla in a double boiler and stir until the ingredients are all warmed and well mixed. You can change up the flavor by replacing the vanilla extract with other flavor extracts that you like. Because marshmallows have a fairly neutral flavor, they could be a fun base for lots of different ideas.

Try adding some peppermint extract and drizzling it over your favorite chocolate ice cream. It will flip the idea of mint chocolate chip on its head.

Caramel Sauce

There’s nothing quite like a sweet and gooey caramel sauce. As the sugar cooks, its flavor deepens. When you are making caramel, consider adding a small pinch of salt. Even if it isn’t a noticeable amount, it will help counteract some of the bitter flavors that can come out of the caramel.

Cherry Sauce

Don’t forget the cherry on top. To me, an ice cream sundae should always have a cherry, so why not have a bunch. Cherries are one of my favorite summer fruits, but you can make this simple sauce all year round with frozen fruit.

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