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5 Best Manual Ice Cream Maker of 2018 | For Every Need and Budget

Manual, or hand-crank, ice cream makers are the original ice cream freezer, and a fun throwback activity. Ice cream makers are a key tool for making frozen desserts, including ice cream and sorbet. Instead of using electricity to work the churn, manual ice cream freezers have a crank that you turn. Many people have their first experience with one of these ice cream makers at summer camp, so it can be a great way to find nostalgia.

A manual ice cream maker is a relatively simple design, made with two buckets and a crank mechanism. The exterior of a manual ice cream maker is a large wooden bucket. Inside is a smaller metal container that holds a churn. A handle turns the churn and mixes the ice cream.

Besides the ice cream base, there are two more ingredients that you will need. To chill the ice cream, you fill the space between the two buckets with ice and rock salt. The rock salt is very helpful to freeze the ice cream quickly and evenly. As the salt and air begin to melt the ice, it forms a salt solution. This ice water mixture helps pull heat out of the ice cream and freeze it quickly.

If you are trying to choose an ice cream maker, think about how often you want to use it. The novelty of a manual ice cream maker can wear out if you make frozen desserts regularly. It takes about 15 minutes to churn ice cream and someone will need to crank the machine the entire time.

Also Known As: hand-crank ice cream maker, wooden ice cream maker


One of the biggest brands of manual ice cream makers is White Mountain. Their high-quality ice cream makers are a fun family project. Try taking them on a camping trip so you can make fun desserts without electricity.

White Mountain hand-crank ice cream freezers come in a variety of sizes and prices.

While they can be expensive, they are one of those kitchen gadgets that will last a lifetime. There are a number of models available, so check out the current prices across the web now.

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