8 Unexpected Things to Make In Your Slow Cooker

The slow cooker presents you with unlimited cooking possibilities. You don’t have to stick with the common slow cooker recipes anymore. Discover new and exciting crock pot delicacies that you never knew before. We also love slow cooker dishes and below, we discuss 8 unexpected things to make in your slow cooker.

1. Moroccan Sweet Potato Soup

This Moroccan delicacy has a rich flavor and promises to engage your taste buds in the best way. Moroccan dishes are known the world over for their original tastes and are a favorite among many. When cooked in the slow cooker and spiced with Moroccan spices, this soup will be an instant favorite! For the lovers of Moroccan cuisine, the Moroccan sweet potato soup can be taken with other main courses, or simply just as soup. This soup also scores highly with vegetarians. It is free of animal proteins and gluten. Besides, the soup is low in kilojoules and fat. You can prepare the soup as you do other chores at home.

2. Steel-Cut Oatmeal

If you wish to start the day in a healthy and satisfying way, then a bowl of nutritious oatmeal is probably what you need. A bowl of oatmeal will prepare you well for the day, pumping your body with nutrients and energy that you require for the day. Slow cooking oatmeal results in a wonderful flavor. You can leave the meal cooking in your slow cooker as you sleep or do other duties at home. The beauty of the slow cooker is that it gives you the freedom to prepare the oatmeal at your own pace. Just before you sleep, you can leave the ingredients cooking and enjoy your hot meal in the morning. Just remember to set the cooker to low.

3. Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a healthy and satisfying dish. The only downside is that the potatoes have to bake for at least an hour. If you like to fix quick meals, well, you might need to start early to enjoy the baked potatoes. Enter the slow cooker, and all your problems are solved. If you wish to come home to aromatic baked potatoes, how about leaving them in the slow cooker as you leave in the morning? Just brush the potatoes with oil and place them in the slow cooker to cook on low. After a hard day’s work, come home and enjoy your meal. It is a convenient and easy method.

4. Pizza

Pizza in a slow cooker? Well, it was a pleasant surprise even for me. The beauty of slow-pot pizza is that the flavors are allowed to soak into the pizza for a longer time. This results in a rich taste. Before I tried it, I was really skeptical, but the results were like a light bulb moment. Just prepare the dough and line it at the bottom of the slow cooker. Add the toppings evenly and let your pizza cook while you mind other duties. The difference with regular pizza-making is that even small kids can help in the preparation of the pizza because the surroundings are not hot. Besides, the rich flavor will be a reward for your patience while cooking.

5. French Onion Soup

French cuisine is famous world over. If you like it, you can get the best results using your slow cooker. French Onion Soup has been enjoyed for many years, attracting a large fan base. It is a great starter and can be prepared easily using the slow cooker. Just pour the beef stock into the slow cooker and add the necessary ingredients. If you can be around, then you can set the cooker to high or medium. If you just want to come home to ready soup, you can set it to low and let the ingredients simmer for hours. Toss a piece of bread and enjoy this great starter.

6. Chicken Dinner

Meat lovers will absolutely enjoy their slow-cooked chicken. It is a good method to cook chicken because the meat becomes tender, making it ideal even for small kids. To prepare chicken in a slow cooker, you will need all your favorite spices, some oil, and onions. Add a few drops of oil in the cooker and place chopped onions. Then place your chicken and dump all the spices and let the dish cook slowly over several hours. When the meal is ready, the chicken will be falling off the bones. Chicken can cook faster than other meats, and you will not wait for so long. And don’t throw away the bones! You can use them to prepare chicken stock still using the slow cooker.

7. Apple Butter

Ever thought of homemade apple butter? It would be cheap and easy to make, besides being fresh and authentic. If you have a slow cooker, is very easy to make apple butter in the comfort of your home. When you try out this method, you will not include apple butter in your shopping list again. Just peel and slice the apples, then place them in the slow cooker together with some spices like cinnamon. Cover and forget for the next few hours. Come back later to thick and aromatic apple butter. Place it in clean jars for storage. Slow-cooked apple butter is rich in taste and can be cheap to make. You can even jar it uniquely and gift friends and family!

8. Grapefruit Cheesecake

You might wonder how cheesecake can be prepared using a slow cooker. This cheesecake can be the best dessert that you can make using a slow cooker. At home, this dessert can turn to be a favorite for everyone. With the slow cooker, the grapefruit cheesecake will come out with all the great flavors. If you are big on desserts, try this option using a slow cooker. After the cheesecake is ready, you can top it with toppings like Sugared Cranberry Topping or Chocolate and Pecan Topping.

A slow cooker can be a great cooking companion in your home. It comes in handy when you need to prepare food, yet you have other duties to mind about. From starters to desserts and beverages, you can use the slow cooker for almost any type of food.

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