12 Best Food Storage Containers for Pantry in 2020

Are you frustrated seeing your favorite cookies or chips go fusty or soggy as you have to leave them on their packets once opened? Do your coffee or spices lack the authentic flavor and taste as they are opened to air for an extended time? Are you tired of cleaning the mess of your unorganized pantry as all the stuff is lying here and there? Well, you can solve such kitchen horrors just by storing the essential food in the containers and save the leftovers, store food or cereals for further use. Such airtight containers coming in sets of various sizes not only save the food or give your pantry a supreme look, but their super tight lids also allow you to carry homemade meals to the office or wherever you go. To help you out, we have come up with a precise list of the best food storage containers for pantry so that you can make your ultimate decision smartly. 

12 Best Food Storage Containers for Pantry

1. Komax Biokips Dry Food Storage Containers

best plastic food storage containers for pantry

If you are watching for a complete solution to add to your pantry to store dry food, Komax Biokips containers can be your ideal pick. The artistically designed airtight containers of this award-winning company come in different sets and sizes to get matched with your needs efficiently. 

Once you store your food, be it flour, baking supply, sugar or anything, you can stay free of tension as insects, moisture, or bacteria cannot contaminate them. 

These superb quality durable containers are constructed of polypropylene that is BPA free and lead-free, FDA certified, and lab examined. 

The lid is secure enough to prevent leakage. You can rely on the quality as they are long-lasting, temperature resistant, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe so that you can save your cash and keep the stored food safe for a longer time. 

2. Shazo Airtight Container Set 

best air tight containers

Shazo Airtight Containers come in 7 various sizes and volumes, so you do not have to jam your food into containers now. Besides storing dry foods, you can now store liquids like soup, juice, or water in these well sealed and airtight containers. The containers come with silicone seals inside the top to block any spill once the lid is driven down. 

You can now save space and make your pantry look more orderly and smart with these stackable lid design containers.These effortless, long-lasting, lightweight, and transparent containers are excellent to keep the food preserved, fresh, and healthy. 

3. Rubbermaid Brilliance Leak-proof Food Storage Containers

The lightweight, easy-to-carry, and transparent leak-proof Rubbermaid Brilliance containers come in a set of 5 and are marvelous to store your food and keep them healthy and fresh. 

Thanks to BPA free Tritan lids and 2-latch design as they keep the container sealed, airtight, and spill-free. The containers are stackable for effortless organization, discoloration resistant, stink resistant and feature built-in microwave vents for offering protected and manageable heating. They are easy to clean, dishwasher, and freezer safe. 

The containers are portable, and the leak-free feature allows you to carry food, liquids, like stew, or soups conveniently.

4. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set

Are you a spaghetti, noodles or pasta lover, and want to store them to cook and eat whenever you crave immediately having the same taste and flavor every time? Chef’s Path Airtight Storage Containers are your ultimate solution. The premium bundle of 4 airtight containers of the same size is excellent for storing dry foods like sugar, nuts, rice, cereals, snakes, grains, and many more and even the liquids! They also come with a free chalkboard marker, and pasta measures to let you upgrade your pantry a bit more. 

Thanks to the 4-sided locking lids with silicone seals as they ensure that no air or water can enter to spoil the food. They are stackable, and well designed to fit in pantry, and freezer taking minimum space. 

5. Qinline Reusable Storage Bags

Are you searching for superior quality reusable and food-grade material? Try these Qinline reusable storage bags made of food-grade PEVA materials containing no PVC, lead, chlorine, or BPA. 

With the premium ziplock closure, it features a more secure, airtight, watertight, sterile way to store food. With a set of 10 different purpose bags, you can use separate bags for distinctive purposes like carrying lunch, freezing food, marinating meats, preparing meals, cereals, and many more.  

They are simple to clean, preferably hand wash, not recommended to place in the microwave, and provide you to store your food in the freshest and eco-friendly way. 

6. Chef’s Path Cereal Storage Set

Give yourself a chance of being mesmerized with a more organized pantry by grabbing Chef’s Path Cereal Storage Set coming with containers, measuring spoons, a chalkboard marker, and chalkboard labels. 

The BPA free plastic containers featuring the 4-sided securing lids with a silicone seal that guarantee the same crunchiness every time you bite the cereals. 

They are so airtight to keep flour, cereals, pet food, rice, pasta, and much more fresh and flavorsome. 

See a different yet smartly organized pantry and freezer saving a lot of space with these well designed, easy to fit containers. They highlight a flip flop lid and are reliable to use in the refrigerator and microwave. 

7. Lock & Lock HPL 5 10 Easy Essential Pantry Food Storage Container

With the promise to keep your pantry organized and food healthy, the Lock & Lock HPL5 Easy Essentials Pantry 50.7-cup Container is a BPA free plastic container featuring an easy flip-lid with an improved silicone seal and a comfortable serving cup for an easy grab. 

It features a wide range of shapes and sizes with four-hinge locking lids or twisted lids that makes it ideal for keeping the container leak-free, airtight, and the food remains super fresh in the pantry or refrigerator. 

If you are a dishwasher lover, these containers are just for you. They are not only dishwasher safe but also microwave safe and freezer safe. 

8. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Round Storage Container

Featuring a temperature range of 35-150 degrees Fahrenheit, the Rubbermaid Commercial Products Plastic Round Storage Container is made of long-lasting, break-resistant polypropylene to keep your stored food safe and healthy in both freezer and pantry. 

The container is in a rounded design to allow enhanced air circulation for faster cooling rates. It fits with large lids and is durable, and dishwasher safe. They come in various sizes and feature measurement gradations for better portion control. Besides storing any food, they can be used for carrying or marinating meats, and many more. Do not worry about the safety as they are NSF 3-A meat and poultry equipment and NSF 2-verified. 

9. FineDine 24-Pieces Superior Glass Food Storage Container Set

This Superior Glass Food Storage Container Set is an innovative creation of FineDine, a family-owned business that understands the need for healthy, protected, and quick food prep and storage. They come in a 24 set of 12 containers and 12 lids varying in sizes and shapes that are compatible with meal prep to store food in your pantry in a smart way. 

It is constructed of borosilicate, transparent glass that can withstand rapid temperature changes without being split or wrapped. So, do not worry to place it in the microwave straight from the freezer, and pour the hot food directly to the container. The locking lids are made of BPA free plastic that keeps the container airtight and leak-free.  

With the new hinged lids feature, you can now promptly flip the lid to open and shut it instantly. Though the tops are not dishwasher safe, the containers are completely safe to clean in the dishwasher, and both are stackable for easy organization in the pantry.  

10. Living Whole Foods 3.5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid

Manufactured with Food Grade HDPE plastic, the Living Whole Foods 3.5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid is BPA free and ideal to store foods like seeds, sugar, pet food, salt, rice, or anything. 

The containers come in a set of 3 with 3.5 gallons in volume. It features a thickness of 90 Mils that makes it long-lasting, enduring, and firm to serve heavy-duty purposes for an extended time. 

The container includes lids and comes with a metal handle incorporating a plastic molded grip to protect your hands from massive loads.The lids seal tight, and they are nicely stackable, perfect to fit your pantry. 

11. GoodCups 2 Large Airtight Food Storage Containers

Are you a cooking and food lover, and want to store baking items stored safely in your pantry? Grab a set of GoodCups 2 Large Airtight Containers to keep the stored snakes, flour, baking soda, rice, sugar, or even toys dry and sealed. These high capacity containers do not let the items spill when you open new packets or load small containers. 

The canisters are made of BPA free plastic and feature cubic shapes that allow you to save space and organize the pantry, freezer, or cupboard smartly.  

The stackable containers feature a 4-sided locking tight-fitting lids with a rubber gasket that makes the food containers spill-free, airtight and keep the food fresh and healthy. They are easy to wash, dishwasher, microwave or freezer safe, so you can place them on the microwave whenever you need to reheat the leftovers. 

12. Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Containers

Employing innovative FreshVent technology, Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Containers are perfect to store and hold the freshness and crisp of fruits and veggies by creating an optimal environment of regulating the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside and outside. And the best part is, you are not required to replace the Vent filter. 

These BPA free, plastic produced containers come as a set of 3, including a 6.3 cup and two 17.3 cup containers having lids. Do not worry about washing and preparing the food as with the FreshWork containers, you can now store unwashed or uncut veggies or fruits straight from the grocery bag! With the fabulous CrispTray, it does not let the moisture enter and spoil the food.

Types of Containers and Differences

Before selecting one from the above list of containers to add to your pantry in a more organized way, let’s get some precise ideas about the types of containers so that you can purchase the most suitable one matching your needs. 

Differences by Materials

Plastic Bags

They are specially designed to preserve food in the freezer. Before selecting one, make sure you get one featuring sturdy zip-lock and made of durable materials to prevent the spill or mess. Such bags take minimal space and can be an excellent replacement for glass or plastic containers. 

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers come in various sets of extents, shapes, and volumes and can be constructed of clear or colored materials. The sealed and airtight lids coming with such a container can keep the food dry and secure and prevent the spill if any liquid is stored. The plastic containers of the above list are manufactured of enduring and BPA free plastic to ensure the food inside is healthy and wholesome and fabulous for your pantry or freezer. 

Glass Containers

Like the plastic containers, they also come in sets of different sizes or colors, and made of long-lasting glass featuring airtight lids to preserve the food in a sealed and leak-free way. Some containers may withstand an immediate temperature change and are perfect to place to the microwave straight from the freezer. 

Differences by Shape

The food storage containers come in round or square shapes. 

  • Round containers are great for mixing elements while square ones offer 33% more space in the pantry. 
  • Round containers provide air circulation, while square ones require less space as they are stackable.
  • Round shaped containers come with handles, while square containers feature color-coding. 
  • Both shapes of containers feature inter-stacking.

How to Organize Containers in a Pantry? 

Now that you have got a clear view of different types of containers, and their differences with a precise list of some best products, let’s get into the insight of how to organize the containers in the pantry. 

  • It is best to choose a transparent container so that you can easily recognize and get the item instantly without opening the lid. You can even add labels.
  • Place the alike items like spices, baking ingredients, rice, nuts, noodles in the same pan. In this way, you may separate the liquids from the dry items and escape the mess.
  •  Keep the containers containing the frequently used items like noodles, rice or essential spices in the middle and bottom of the pantry shelves so that they are in your reach.
  • Do not forget to assess the pantry weekly and clean the containers, labels, and shelves.

Final Words

Your well organized and clean kitchen will talk for the health of your family. To store and keep the food safe and fresh, there is no alternative to store them in high-quality containers and maintain the cleanliness of the pantry. To get a well-organized pantry, make a plan, and place the containers according to the need of the food stored inside. 

The ultimate decision is yours, but here we listed some best food storage containers for pantry so that you can enrich your kitchen look, and keep the food fresh and healthy for a prolonged time. 

Z Grills 700e Review

Nothing can be better than enjoying the warmth of summer weekend nights with family and friends and treating them with flavorsome BBQs. Well, a family get together is incomplete without the temptation of the woody smell of the favorite BBQ or steak, and to ease yourself with the task, you would obviously think about getting a pellet grill and smoker. What if you get 8 marvelous services in 1 smoker? It sounds appealing, right? But selecting the perfect grill is not a simple task. To aid you out to make the best decision, we have come up with Z Grills 700E review, a marvelous addition of the Z GRILLS brand so that you can have the authentic punch and zest of wood at the availability of propane or gas. 

Z Grills 700e Reviews – Top Features

Produced by the mighty and flourished brand of USA named Z Grill, 700E is a gorgeous yet powerful and enormous addition to your kitchen if you are a true lover of intense flavors of steaks, barbeques, sauteed veggies, and many more. Once you add this piece in your kitchen, you will never turn to the restaurant to grab slow-cooked ribs, steaks, or pulled pork when you will feel the craving. Let us focus on the features of this wondrous creation. 

Multifunctional Grill

Are you fed up with your grill that only serves one or two purposes? If you want a multifunctional grill and smoker to meet your dream flavors, Z Grills 700E can help you. It is an eight in one BBQ wood fire pellet grill, with which you can surely have the authenticity of the taste of barbecue, grill, smoke, roast, bake, and braise. Well, doesn’t it sound like it would turn you into a home chef? 

Fan Forced Convection Cooking System

With the fan-forced convection cooking system, there accompanies a fan that propels and circulates the air inside the grill. So the meat is cooked evenly, omitting the need to use a rotisserie. This system creates a friendly environment for having the meat grilled, smoked or baked so that the meat does not remain raw on one side and burnt in the other. It makes the meat super tender and juicy that you never imagined before trying this Z Grills 700E. 

2020 Upgraded Version

With the new upgraded version, it has become even more powerful, having a better temperature and pellet control system. It now has the facility of igniting the grill and smoker automatically. This Upgraded version also provides the user with the facility to set the temperature from 180-degree Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit. 

Automated Electric Feed System

Z grills 700E comes up with the automated electric feed system that maintains the temperature from 180-degree Fahrenheit to 450-degree Fahrenheit with the assurance to deliver the required quantity of smoke. What you have to do is to set the temperature once, and let the grill handle other tasks to turn your meat into your desired dish. You can keep yourself stress-free from the necessity to monitor the temperature and concentrate on other preparations and guests! No need for babysitting so that you can relish the cookery! 

Large Grilling Area

Are you thinking of whether you can prepare food for a massive party in the grill or not? Do not worry. The 700E version has come up with a big grilling area, smoking rack, and a hopper capacity of 20 lb. 

Convenient to Use and Clean

The Z Grill 700E is very convenient and simple to use also for the new cooks. It supports the electronic Auto-start ignition that provides the user with the facility to make the grill working quickly and safely. With digital temperature control, it has the facility to show the temperature reading on the LED display. 

You would never want to take the burden of the hassle of cleaning the grill after having a blast in the get together till late night. Thanks to Z Grills for the 700E model as it is very manageable to clean and has a waste oil collector to keep all the mess in a single place. You can also comfortably move and set the BBQ grill with the locking caster wheels.  

Long-Lasting Service 

The body of this compact grill is made of stainless steel with a smooth and polish finish that ensures high protection to corrosion. It means that the grill is going to serve you for years to come. It is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. 

Do you want to know the best part of this compact model? The manufacturer ensures 3 years of warranty. 


Total Cooking Area 694 sq in
Main Cooking Area 504 sq in
Warming Rack Area 190 sq in
Hopper Capacity 20 lbs
Assembled Weight 146 lbs
Assembled Dimensions 48″ * 22″ * 51″ 
Package 2
Cooking Grids Porcelain Coated Cast Iron


  • The Z Grills 700E is a multifunctional 8-in-1 grill and smoker that can be used to grill, smoke, barbeque, bake, braise, and roast. 
  • With 20 lbs of wood pellet, you can get a run time of cooking for approximately 20 hours. 
  • You can have the taste of classic wood fire zest as it supports a marvelous wood pellet technology. 
  • It supports an automated electric feed system to maintain the heat and ensures adding pellets automatically to sustain the optimal amount of smoke once you set the temperature. 
  • The 700E model comes with an LED display so that you can read out the temperature on it. 
  • It is built with stainless steel to provide security against corrosion and durability for a long time. 
  • Comes with 3 years of warranty
  • You can effortlessly move the grill using the locking caster wheels. 


  • The customer service is not always praiseworthy
  • It may sometimes fail to sustain the temperature
  • The grill may seem heavy to lift and roll for some

Final Words

Wood pellet grills and smokers have facilitated the barbeque lovers to pamper their taste buds with some tender and smokey BBQs. Though there is a bit of con, the features of the Z Grills 700E are convenient, easy to use, and offer you to have the woody flavor that is sometimes difficult to gain. The ultimate decision is entirely upon you, yet we have tried to assist you by providing the Z Grills 700E review so that you can take your final decision, try the features, and feel the difference.